Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Parties 2010

Two kids in school; two Christmas parties. I love that I have been able to attend all of the girls' parties and school events this year due to the generosity of my fellow coworkers who willingly cover my classes so I can go.

Tori eating a yummy cookie

Tori coming back into the room in time for the party

Getting ready to play a game

Playing a game
Smiling for Mommy before I had to return to work
Emmalee's party was December 20, and we were in charge of treats. Emmalee couldn't pass up the opportunity to have some delicious Francine's cookies.

Emmalee eating her treats
A shot of Emmalee and her table "mates"

Tori attended the party with us and had to stand next to sister
All in all, a fabulous time was had at each party, and the girls came home with more sugar and gifts than they knew what to do with!