Friday, December 31, 2010

Dance Performances

We had several dance performances this year, starting with Emmalee's performance at Carrollton's Christmas parade the Friday after Thanksgiving. This is part of being a competitive dancer, which certainly keeps us on our toes. It was hard to get good pictures, as the lighting was off and so was my camera.

Emmalee before she performed.

Tori being the good and supportive sister

A shot of them during the performance
The following week the girls were invited to perform at Marshall's Christmas parade, so we headed south after school.

Emmalee after her performance in the back of the Equinox watching the parade

Tori during the parade
Shapes has an annual performance the last week before Christmas break, and the kiddos are allowed to wear their Christmas pajamas.

Tori hamming it up for the camera

Tori getting an assit from Jorge on her handstand

Getting ready to take a bow

Doing her dance

A grand finale
Emmalee's performance came the Monday before Thanksgiving. They did a run through of all the competitive pieces and didn't start until 7:45, so Dad wasn't able to watch (he was making sure Tori got rested up for her last day of preschool this year. The performances were AMAZING, and I simply cannot wait to see how everything turns out! We are so blessed to be a part of Shapes Dance and Acro. The girls really love it there, and their confidence grows every year!

Emmalee during one of her dances

A little bit sassy....

Loving it....
Tori was off for 2 weeks, but Emmalee had 2 hours worth of rehearsals on the Monday following Christmas. She didn't mind a bit, and she really enjoyed herself.