Friday, July 31, 2009


A rare trip to Children's Mercy concerning Tori and not Emmalee led us to Kaleidoscope last Wednesday. I had never been myself, so it was hard to know who was more excited, the girls or me! Though it was a bit chaotic due to several large groups being there, the girls had a great time. We didn't get to experience all of the projects set up that day, but I think we still did a lot. Emmalee loved making her picture into a puzzle, and Tori just liked coloring. Both of my girls really enjoy anything "crafty", so this was a GREAT place for them to be!

Tori wearing her star hat while coloring a card

Emmalee with her star hat while coloring her card

The girls' faces when the announcement was made that it was time to go
Our first trip to Kaleidoscope was a hit, and I am sure we will be returning soon!

A Day with Aunt Deana

After starting our day with a puppet show, a story teller, story time, and then checking out some books at the library, we headed out on July 20 for a day with Aunt Deana. The girls really enjoy spending time with her, so since she was off work and we had some time, we headed to the city. Our first stop was Deanna Rose Homestead. This was the first time the girls had been there. The weather was perfect, and everyone had a great time.

The girls when you first walk in

Hanging out on a swing

Laughing as Aunt Deana feeds a goat-this was as close as the girls would get!

Tori the caterpillar

Mommy and Emmalee as flowers (Tori wouldn't cooperate long enough to be the 3rd flower)

Aunt Deana and Emmalee on the hay ride

Emmalee the caterpillar

The girls writing on the chalkboards in the school house

Walking up to the tee pees

Emmalee's pony ride
After we left Deanna Rose, we headed out to The Legends by the Kansas Speedway for a little snack at T-Rex Cafe. The girls loved this trip as well!
Tori decorating her dinosaur shaped rice krispy treat

Emmalee with her finished product

Tori in the dinosaur dig. She didn't last long here, as she doesn't like the feel of sand on her feet!

Tori with her dinosaur "Silly Goose" at the Build-a-Dino

Emmalee at the dinosaur dig. She loves this kind of thing and can tell you all about dinosaurs, their extinction, cavemen, volcanoes, etc. She is quite the budding scientist!

Emmalee with her rock-n-roll dinosaur "Jasmine".
Everyone had a great time on our girls' day out!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Campfire Fun!

We decided to have the Gamma, Pappi, Grandma, Papa, Great-Grandma, and Aunt Deana over for a campfire. It was a great time, followed up by a few fireworks.

Emmalee helping Pappi with the homemade ice cream

Tori's turn

Doing snap-pops with Gamma

Roasting chicken on the campfire with Pappi, since Emmalee won't eat hot dogs

Tori and Aunt Deana sharing a drink

Roasting marshmallows with Papa

Fun times with Gamma and Pappi

Tori, Duane, and Grandma during fireworks
Emmalee and Pappi doing sparklers
Everyone had a great time that night, and we can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

This year we decided to take our family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. I went there several times growing up, and I always loved it. The girls did a phenomenal job in the car, both on the way there and back. Tori was a little unsure of being away from home and frequently (most often at bedtime) asked if we could just go home. Otherwise I think everyone had a good time. Here are the pictures.

We take a picture of the girls together every morning before we head out. Here they are the day we left.

Hanging out in the car listening to music

On the beach of the Wisconsin River

Daddy, Emmalee, and Tori on the beach

Day 2

Emmalee coming back from an "excursion" during our boat tour

This is what Tori did during the excursion

Emmalee riding a roller coaster at Mt. Olympus

Emmalee driving the go-karts

Tori on the train

Day 3

Tori having a big time on a ride

Daddy and Emmalee on the bumper boats

Tori goofing off while Daddy and Emmalee rode the big kid go-karts

Emmalee and more go-kart riding

Emmalee on a water slide at Mt. Olympus

Daddy and Emmalee on the Lazy River at Mt. Olympus

Day 4-heading home
All in all, we had a great vacation and are looking forward to where we will land next year. (I am hoping for a real beach!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Emmalee's Big News

Emmalee has some BIG news! No, she isn't going to be a big sister again (but only because Mommy can't quite convince Daddy we should have a 3rd!). She decided to get her ears pierced! All on her own-no cajoling from mommy, no forcing; just her own desire to pierce her ears. I had always said that any time she asked (after she was 4), she could have them pierced. I was not going to push her in to doing it, in fact, I even told her once that it was like getting a shot so that perhaps she would hold off a while longer. However, out of the blue she decided she wanted to get her ears pierced, and I obliged. It is hard to decide who was more nervous, Mommy or Emmalee, but we survived it with a few tears shed and, I quote the technician who pierced them, "the quietest cry I have ever heard." She is very proud of her earrings and even reminds me when it is time to twist them and put the medicine on them! She is officially too grown up for me!

Here she is while Mommy is paying and signing away my little girls sweet earlobes!

Smiling for the camera

Holding tight to Mommy's hand as the first ear gets pierced (seriously, why don't they pierce them both at the same time? It would be much easier for Mommy!)

Here she is getting ready to call Daddy and Pappi to share her big news
She is already asking when she can wear hoop earrings. Looks like she is shooting straight into her teen years!